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A4 Turbo Ed2

Who Is Quattro Motorsport?

Quattro motorsport is your Audi/VW engine performance specialist. Quattro Motorsport is an Australian born company located in the North of Sydney and founder Ed has been building and custom tuning high performance Audis and VW since 2010. Quattro motorsport's customer line-up includes Audi A4, S4, TT, S3, A3, VW GTI, Golf, Polo and Passat.

Quattro motorsport ‘s core business is re-mapping the factory Engine control unit (ECU) to provide a safe and reliable high quality driving experience, with a smooth and powerful delivery. Quattro motorsport also provides expert consultation which leads to successful hardware integration, which can be supplied and installed. 

With over 20 years experience as a Chief engineer in the technologically advanced luxury super yacht industry, Ed has taken his knowledge of engineering, integrating systems, control and automation and applied that knowledge and experience to extracting more power efficiently and safely from the highly advanced Audi /VW engine family, Quattro motorsport is well suited to deliver high performance for your Audi or VW with integrated software and Hardware upgrades.

Starting as a hobby, helping other Audi/VW enthusiasts to release the potential in their cars and by building his own, Ed realised there was a gap, nobody was offering specialised tuning of the factory ecu for the 1998 and up Audi and VW here in Australia. Turning to meet that challenge he developed a system to tune his special build Audi A4 Quattro, and then his peers Audi and VW’s where no one else could or was bothered. 

This commitment and hard work has paid off as now he offers specialised, truly custom engineered re-mapping to many other Audi and VW platforms. A quick look at the testimonials from his customers will prove to you, Ed and Quattro motorsport Sydney is a tuning company that delivers. Delivers power, delivers customer satisfaction, delivers support and delivers a price that is unmatchable. Quattro motorsport, delivering high performance!