Custom Remapping


“Supporting only 1.8T engines”
An in-depth understanding of the relationship and interaction of the engine control systems,
and how to make power, a delicate balance of the physics and mechanics of producing power,
and reducing turbo spool times to bring you that power quickly. All while retaining safety,
efficiency and longevity of the engine components. Better Idle, more Torque,
and satisfying Horsepower.

All re-mapping services come with a lifetime revision if required/requested absolutely free.

All re-mapping services come with a 30day, 5000km, no questions asked return policy

Stage 1- Stock Turbo, Stock injectors $550

Stage 2 - see FAQ

Stage 3 - must have agreed hardware $790

*note any upgrade from stage 1 to stage 3 will only cost an additional $240