​Re-mapping  FAQ  

  1. Will re-mapping harm my engine?
  2. Is it safe and reliable?
  3. What will I gain?
  4. What is remapping, how does it work?
  5. Can I go back to stock mapping?
  6. What about fuel consumption? Will it increase?
  7.  I have a DBC drive by cable engine, can you re-map my car?
  8. AEB, AJL or AGU engine code, can you Custom Tune/ re-map my car? See Q7 above
  9. Return policy?
  10. Free revisions?
  11. Customer support before and after sales?
  12. Upgrading to higher power level/ hardware?
  13. What if I upgrade my Exhaust Downpipe, Go Hi flo Cat or fit an intercooler? Will I need another re-map?
  14. What fuel should I run? What if I can't get 98RON where I am driving?
  15. Is it safe on my High Km engine?
  16. What should I do before upgrading the ecu on a High km 1.8t or 2.7tt engine?
  17. E85 questions answered

Answers: -

  1. Re-mapping by QMS creates a higher output from the engine.   However the 1.8t engine came from the factory over engineered and suitable for much higher power output, case in point is the 240hp TT factory 1.8t version, this high output 1.8t achieves this with factory re-mapping and a higher output turbo while retaining the same engine hardware, Therefore QMS would like to re-assure you that there should be no noticeable extra  wear or tear to your 1.8t or 2.7tt  engine  due to QMS re-mapping.
  2. Safety and reliability of your engine and components is high priority, each tune has built in safety to ensure your engine and turbo can never be damaged due to the remapping.
  3. Gains?  With a QMS stage 1 re-mapping Up to 35% increase in engine kW/HP with a very noticeable gain in mid range torque, (grunt) and maintaining that new acceleration to redline. Basically you will get 150kw /200 hp for a factory fitted K03 turbo,  155kw/210hp for a factory fitted K03sport and 195kw/265hp from  a TT or S3  K04 turbo.
  4. Generally speaking re-mapping involves altering the engine controller programming so it will ask for more power to be produced. At Quattro Motorsport this is taken very seriously, Your factory programming is designed as a one show fits all, in terms of worldwide climate, altitude and fuel quality (Octane). At QMS the program is specifically re-written for your expected environment, also the quality of fuel here is consistently higher than some other parts of the world and restrictions on this are also removed. To then follow on, the boost is raised to squeeze more air into the engine, theoretically increasing the size of the engine. This along with careful timing enhancements to decrease the time to spool (anti lag) and increase the output per each engine filling and power cycle, within safe parameters. The fuel table is also adjusted to take into account the extra load of the engine.
  5. Yes, Quattro Motorsport keeps your factory mapping on file to revert back to stock.
  6. Fuel consumption, as your engine will now produce a lot more power if you always drive at this power level of course your fuel consumption will increase, but only at the higher power levels, actually fuel consumption will decrease overall. Because the torque (grunt) is developed earlier and stronger, you will shift into a higher gear at much lower RPMS. This also means you wont need to change gears so often for hills, This will lower your fuel consumption. The power output per amount of fuel has also been increased (see timing and octane in FAQ question 3) so generally speaking I expect your fuel economy to improve with Quattro motorsport re-mapping.
  7. QMS was founded on the AEB, AJL and AGU drive by cable engine, We are the only tuner WORLDWIDE  to fully support  non American issued  DBC engine, providing OTS (off the shelf) re-mapping and Custom tuning using a factory ECU.  For any Turbo, like a  K04, FrankenTurbo GT28  or B.A.Turbo. It is the Speciality of Quattro Motorsport and its core business to get your DBC engine tuned.
  8. See FAQ question 7 above.
  9. QMS tuning is backed by a 30 day no questions asked return policy,
  10. Unlimited Free revisions, if and when revisions are required , and and whenever newer versions of software are available they will be installedfree of charge. We will endeavour to contact you, or you can enquire at any time!
  11. Quattro motorsport is an Australian company based in Sydney.  So Im easy to get hold of for customer support.
  12. The upgrade fee structure is quite simple, re-mapping existing customers for a small change in Hardware is only $100 -such as stage 2.  The first time you switch to a "bigger turbo" such as Franken turbo, GT28 or above the upgrade fee is $240. If you want to make any changes in hardware or fuelling  (E85) requirements after the initial big turbo re-mapping  are only $100 for the re-mapping. ALL levels of re-mapping are provided with free unlimited revisions.
  13. If you are stage 1, Dont buy the hype that fitting a aftermarket down pipe/ cat or exhaust you need a remap. The software will take care of that and you will see gains. Same goes for an Intercooler upgrade, as the engine (and ecu) now see cooler temperatures the ecu will adjust timing so you will also see more torque. If you feel you want the tune revised see FAQ #12 above, absolutely free!
  14.  Quattro motorsport files are ALL optimised for 98 octane RON. Unlike my competitors whose files are from the US and lower grade fuel, This means you will get the best performance from  98RON, however if you need to fill or get a lower  octane fuel than expected don't worry, The re-mapped ecu will recognise if the octane is lower and will reduce timing to suit- your engine is never in danger!
  15. Higher km Audi /VW are perfectly ok to upgrade the ecu.  An oil pressure and sludge health check should be undertaken first though (Done free of charge at QMS workshop while preparing your car for re-mapping)  The 1.8T and 2.7tt engine is a marvel of engineering, and if treated well does not "wear" out.  I have customers with over 250,000km running ecu upgrades and even a Big turbo on 400,000km 1.8t engine.
  16. A ecu upgrade will put extra demand on the turbo and cooling system, as well as the silicone/rubber hoses, and the Diverter Valve. A fault code and scan of the ecu and learnt parameters will show up any existing deficiencies (done free of charge) The DV, if original should be replaced with a "upgraded" Dv, Some old  and perished hoses may split with the extra boost levels and can be checked before hand by performing a "boost leak test". The turbo oil supply should also be confirmed  (FAQ question 15). The cooling system can be checked and ensuring the coolant temperature sensor and thermostat are working correctly
  17. Quattro Motorsport's E85 mapping does not need a flex fuel sensor. The expert programming takes care of everything. The ECU will adjust to the new fuel mix. Existing Fuel lines, pump and injectors do not need to be replaced. Quattro Motorsport has been testing E85 in Audi/VW vehicles without fault for over 5 years.