A4 B5 full race EFR 7163 "Mate, I Came up Mt Keira and what blast, so much fun. Beautiful cambered, uphill, horse shoe, going in, not hot on the throttle in 3rd and just throttling out to exit is *#$king Awesome. The tight stuff was coaxing me in hot, with heaps of mid corner speed to just pick up the boost in 3rd. Ed this thing rocks. When it's fully sorted i'll use second and be @#$king animalised. I still cant wipe the grin of my face"-Darren October 2017

Audi A4 Stage 1 tuning "​Hi Ed, I received the new ecu stg 1 ecu this morning and installed it as per your instructions. I have set the boost @18psi like you recommended. Wow what a difference!! The car feels more lively even off boost and pulls smooth and hard right up to redline, and doesn't die off in the top end like it did before. Very impressed with the improvement Ed. I'm definitely recommending you to all my Audi and VW mates. Thank you very much for all your help and for providing such a fantastic product"  Trent, QLD 18 Oct 2016

 QMS Custom Audi 8P S3 Stage 2 tuning/injector package"​Ed asked what I wanted in terms of power, torque, hp, where, how long, what kind of driving I do, my fuel consumption and my expectations. He then proceeded to show how he works in terms of smoothing out torque, his graphs, where he thinks the power should sit, taper, come in hardest etc. Going from no tune straight to a custom "stage 2" the car is just insanely quick, I'd say undrivable if I hadn't gone and replaced every single suspension component earlier. It cost me $650 for the tune, $300 for the upgraded EV14 injectors and install....this man is literally the best value/skilled tuner of these engines in Australia. Cannot recommend enough. If you want a tuner who knows every single inch of these blocks, is actually genuinely passionate about seeing what they're capable of, and honestly loves what he does, this is your guy. If you live on the east coast drive to him, I came up from Melbourne (8hr drive) but honestly if I lived in Perth I would drive to him for his expertise and skill with these 1.8's"  Maty, Melbourne Aug 2015 . Audi S3

2000 Audi A4 running a K04 with QMS e85 K04tuning/injector package  ​"Hey mate, Just shooting you a quick email to let you know tune is in, car runs fantastic. Big improvements across the board, couldn't be happier. As predicted it's tearing the clutch up something fierce but that will be sorted out by next week so once that's sorted I'll run it in and get it to the strip and let you know results."

 K.L Brisbane ​Aug 2015

"My Goal was to achieve a very quick and reliable daily driver without attracting too much attention.

First of all I have had my share of mechanics some are all promises and dont deliver others are great for stock work and still charge for it. Quattro Motorsport is in a league of its own. Honest advice without the fear factor added. Ed is an engineer so I trust him over most mechanics by a long shot. He cares about his work and reputation so he makes sure everything is A1 before delivering the car.

His custom tunes are amazing. He will listen to your goals and work towards achieving them with you. He does not undertake work if your car is not up to it. Try find someone to Install and tune a hybrid turbo like the Frankenturbo F23. It was impossible for me until I met Ed at Quattro Motorsport."-Marcel 2013 Sydney NSW . Audi TT 2001 Quattro 225hp coupe​

"I had replaced my already upgraded K04 tune with a GT2871R turbo, and found that the improvement was so great, I was simply running out of injector capacity (couldn't take it past 5000rpm).  I hadn't been able to find anyone who had a tuning option for my standard ECU (even though it already had a Giac chip for the K04) and was just about to fork out mega $ for an aftermarket ECU and dyno tune when I stumbled on Ed's Quattro motorsports ad.

Ed provided specs for new fuel pressure, injectors and a new V8 MAF for me to arrange, and sent me a custom programmed re-tuneable factory  ECU  for my situation, that plugged straight in and fired up first time.  He made sure he understood what I was trying to achieve, modified my tune to protect my engine which is still mechanically standard, and kept in touch to make sure it worked. 

Ed offered to fine tune the ECU as much as needed, but I didn't really need it.  Now that I have an easy tuning option,  with the new ECU, and with the $ saved on the aftermarket ECU, I am building a stronger 2L stroked engine. I'm looking forward to working with Ed again on the re-tune once I have it together." Paul Brisbane QLD  26 September 2012, 2000 Audi A4 Quattro 1.8T,  

"As for performance, Ed from Quattro motorsport has been working overtime perfecting my Stage 1+ Custom tune. Ed is definitely a perfectionist and we have gone through multiple revisions to get the very best from my car. I should make note Ed is tuning remotely (I'm in VIC, he is in NSW) so that has been a big disadvantage as he has never actually seen/tested my car.

Regardless it is amazing to see the difference custom tuning has over an Over-the-shelf tune such as APR/GIAC. Not saying these OTS tunes are bad, its more so Custom tuning is suited specifically for you engine and setup, meaning you get the most out of your car, you're also not bound by the 'stages' that most brand tuners require.
I've had the privilege to test many of the OTS tunes and compare, so I'm speaking from my personal experience not from what I've read. Ed's customer support and help have been second to none, he has helped me iron out/diagnose countless issues that I probably should've been charged for haha. His motivation to get things running perfect has been much appreciated and I am one happy customer.
Given the price that Quattro motorsports custom tuning is now available at, anyone considering customised mod setups (such as a Frankenturbo) I highly recommend considering contacting Ed for tuning options."- James Nov 2012, Melbourne, Audi 1998 A4 B5 1.8T

"I took my B5 audi to a so called "tuning expert", who had it for 12 months and could not get the job even close to the mark. Everyone said you simply can't tune that model, too hard, and I even spoke via email to top tuners in the USA, Germany, and the goose that had it before is German!  Also, Queen street customs spoke to their tuner, and was told it can't be done.

Then having come across Ed from Quattro motorsport, I knew from our first phone call that this guy knew exactly what he was talking about.

Ed is a must for anyone seeking to tune an Audi, as from my experience, no one has been able to do the job, so that obviously puts him way ahead of the others. He simply has what the rest lack.

After some phone calls and a couple of visits to Ed at Quattro Motorsport, my Audi is a weapon, smacking the pavement with 300 horsepower at the front wheels, and that is still not its limit, but all that I wanted.

For anyone that wants an intelligent, honest, and a darn nice bloke, to tune their vehicle the way it is supposed to be done call Ed, I can't recommend him highly enough."-Sam Crossland 1998 Audi A4 1.8 Turbo upgrade November 2013

"Thanks for that Ed! Car's running beautifully. Loving the upgrade." -James of Coogee NSW.  Audi A4 B5 1.8T   June 2nd2012

"Good news! The ECU works fine. The engine is running now. Whew! Thanks a lot for your help. I would surely recommend you to my fellow European Audi owner." - Arjel, A4 B5 1.8T  September 2012. Phillipines 

Hi Mate,  just been for a spin, its a lot different, so much more power down low, its bloody awesome! Good work and thanks mate, very happy with it!. Nice and smooth, good response and pick up, very good-Lachlan Audi B5 1.8T February 18 2014

"Mate, Came Mt Keira and what blast, so much fun. Beautiful cambered, uphill, horse shoe, going in, not hot on the throttle in 3rd and just throttling out to exit is *#$king Awesome. The tight stuff was coaxing me in hot with heaps of mid corner speed to just pick up the boost in 3rd. Ed this thing rocks. When it's fully sorted i'll use second and be @#$king animalised. I still cant wipe the grin of my face"-Darren A4 B5 full race EFR 7163 October 2017